i’m a dreamer, a thinker, a writer and a believer. i often forget to capitalize and i spend too little time proofreading for this to really be classified as writing. it’s just my thoughts and torn off pieces of my imagination. some of this is my life, some of this is my dreams, some is just the rambling of a nonsensical mind and a liar’s tongue. i’ll leave it up to you to decide which is which. after all, what’s the fun in knowing when you could be guessing.


5 Responses to “About the Girl”

  1. catchmythoughts said

    Hey there it’s Malika (or mekamouse) from dA. I was wondering if I could pick one of your poems as a favourite poem for my writing class. If not let me know and I’ll choose someone else’s work. 🙂

  2. this is 99percentdevil from DA, I’m so glad to see more of your work! you have such a beautiful soul 🙂

  3. Solomon said

    Hi Megan. I’ve followed your writings for years now. I love you and your work like nothing I had dreamed of, and you are the reason I write today. I want to thank you. Could you email me? I’d like to ask you a question or two but I certainly don’t want to clog up the comments section and keep out the praise that should undoubtedly be here. Again, thank you for being who you are. Cause it helped make me who I am.

  4. Cad said

    Hey there,

    so I need to ask you a question
    You had a poem back on da about how you cant re-live the past and the importance of those memories- it is something that I went back to read once again and again. I really want to be able to show it to a friend of mine, it could be really inspirational to her! Do you still have it laying around by chance?

    a long time admirer of your words,

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